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Quake 2 is probably the ultimate combat games. It can be played in a verity of different formats, from you against the computer to teams running over a network or the internet but the later is probably the most common. The games programming could almost be compared to Basic 86, in that it is very easy to edit and due to this there are lot of very good "patches" for it, as well as some very nice levels.

Myself and three others from the 6-66th have formed clan Deity mainly running a patch called CHAOS.This patch allows the use of not just the standard weapons but also a few extra added goodies, such as heat seeking missiles, crossbow, disc saw blade gun and poisonous grenades. We usually set up a network here of a weekend and spend a good fourteen hours in a non stop "gib fest".

If you would like to know more about this please visit the clan DEITY page at the Expanse website.