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The 6-66th squadron were established during the A.I. wars and earn their name for there almost divine intervention in pulling the plug on the last of the A.I. on  Earth.  The 6-66th are mainly used for covert missions where precise tactical deployment is of the uppermost importance. All of the company are highly trained  in both hand to hand and A.C.M. thus making them the ideal candidates for surprise attacks way inside the enemy lines. (so called scratch and go missions)

Created from the survivors of the EUNS "Foch" debacle (a  European union assault ship) during the early "phoney   war" period of the A.I. wars. The ship making ready to assault the colony on   Rigil 6 was attacked and rammed by the corvette "Akargi" a Japanese Navel vessel which had been captured by the A.Is in the Rigil system. The Foch was destroyed along with most of the 2nd REP battalion of the French foreign legion most of whose members were ready in their drop ships for the assault. barely a company survived and of the 3 fighter bomber  squadron's supporting the assault (The RAF's 3rd (commonwealth), EUAFs 14th and the RN's 609) less than sixteen operational fighters remained. The Earth forces regrouped with the surviving colonists and formed the 66th independent Brigade (unfortunately only a brigade in name) . Reinforcements were months away  so the units commander General Jacques Dumont decided to try to damage the A.I.'s ability to strike at them by  destroying their  aerospace capabilities in the Rigil system.

The three Squadrons, their operational structures decimated during the heavy aerospace battle during the destruction of their assault ship formed a new squadron and decided to name it the 6th of the 66th. During their first action "DEITY" squadron supported by ground elements of the 66th attacked and destroyed  most of  the A.I,s aerospace capability both in the air and on the ground. This was to give the 66th the advantage of air superiority for the rest of the campaign .  The 66th was subsequently able to hand the A.I's several stinging defeats before being relieved by the  7th  RGT USMC and  the  USS R.REAGEN  (SCVN  2565) and her  battlegroup. Due to the weakened state of the A.I. forces on planet the 7th annihilated them in short order. However the liberation of Rigil VI proved to be but a foot note in the expanding A.I. conflict. 

The 66th Independent Brigade was disbanded and the surviving legionnaire's used to rebuild the 2nd REP. However the   6-66th had gained a certain notoriety back on earth and was not disbanded but instead given official status. Returned to Earth and given the nick name of "DEITY SQUADRON" due to their almost divine intervention  in helping turn the   tide in several critical battles  against the A.Is on Earth. During this period several "morale boosting" documentaries were made about the squadron .

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